How do I order a Break Through Banner?

Banners are ordered via this site.

How long to get a banner and what’s your lead time?

Well, that depends on a few variables. Let’s work through this:

  1. Where are you located in Australia?
    We can ship to most parts of Australia, costs vary depending on your location. You will need to request a ‘Shipping Quote’ for us to confirm a postage price.
  2. If you are located in Melbourne you are welcome to pick up from us in Drouin (approximately 50 mins) from the CBD.
  3. We have a late pickup on Thursday night until 9pm for parents that need an after-hours time slot.
What price are your banners?

For all pricing please click here.

I placed a banner order 1 month ago… NO PROOF, HELP!

As this is a small family business we run things extremely efficiently here! Over 5,000 banners and we have not missed a banner yet! If you have placed an order you will receive a #Job Number Confirmation.
Banner proofs are created according to the date they are required. We tackle orders 1 week at a time. Feel free to be organised and get your order in a month before you need it but don’t get stressed if you don’t receive a proof until the week before the big game.

  1. Postage banners head out for delivery first thing Tuesday morning to get to you before the weekend. (Designed Sunday/Monday)
    (Interstate typically leaves 2 weeks earlier if possible.)
  2. If you are picking up your banner from our location these will be available from 10am-9pm on Thursdays or 10am-4pm on Fridays. (Designed Monday – Wednesday)
If you require your banner soon then the date placed on the order.

If you ordered a banner and selected a date that is later than the required date… CALL US! (03) 56251138
We will need to update your order so that our system here does not have your original order date.

I was tasked with organising the banner…OOPS, I forgot. Need one quickly?

Well, who is sweating bricks now?

Easy done we can turn banner designs around extremely quickly but there is a $50 rush fee. Why $50, because more than likely Jo and Simon will be up until 2 am getting your artwork together, and then up early to make your banner. Simon is not a big fan of sleep but does like compensation for his waking hours. Cut off time for a rush fee is noon on Tuesday for the coming weekend.

I want to pick my banner up

Not a problem.
We have dedicated days for banner pickups.
Pickup days are as follows:
Thursday 10 am – 9 pm and Friday 10 am – 4 pm
(If for some reason you can’t pick up and require the week later, give us a call as we can arrange another time depending on our work status)

Where is your office?

We are located at 15 Monica Drive, Drouin, Victoria.
(It is a residential area, we have an amazing office setup with all our printers onsite)

Not sure if my photos are high resolution?

If you have had the images sent to you in the following ways they WILL NOT BE USABLE:

  1. My mate txt them to me
  2. I screen-captured them on my phone
  3. They were sent via email to me 5-10 per email. (More than likely these have been downsampled so the email can move through Cyberspace quickly and effortlessly.)
  4. I saved them from social media platforms (INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK WHATSAPP)
  5. I photographed a computer screen with my image on it.

We are happy to use these images supplied, but unless you prefer your player not to look like a Minecraft character, we would recommend sourcing high-resolution images.

How do I get high-resolution (res) images?

Most new phones are good enough for banner printing as long as you follow these simple steps.

  1. Do not use the zoom function
  2. Ensure the player fills the camera frame (Screen) when taking the photo (Make sure they slow down as not to get blurry photos.)
  3. Stand no more than 4 meters from the player when photographing
  4. Use a SLR camera
  5. Ask the photographer at your club if they wouldn’t mind uploading the image to Homegrown Design (Upload here)